Best Destination for Community Homestay

Homestay in Nepal is a next-level experience for avid travelers only!

Let me start by saying that my definition of “next level” can be different than someone else’s…it all depends, right?

In my case, homestays in remote places are the most challenging and mind-opening experiences I’ve had, just compared to living with a Black Hmong family in Vietnam, or living with the Bushman in Namibia, Africa.

During my 30 day visit to Nepal, I was honored to be invited by my guide and friend Shree from Epic Adventures, to visit his family’s rural village of Dhading, Fulkharka where he was born and raised, and where his family still lives.

I dreamed of an opportunity to do a homestay in Nepal. I didn’t think twice before I accepted his kind invitation.

I was eager to see how real Nepal was outside the cities. My homestay in a rural Nepal village turned out to be an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Welcome to my real-life tale experience at a homestay in Nepal.