ChatGPT Changes Job Culture

It has been revealed that one in four companies have started replacing employees with ChatGPT. The AI chatbot emerged in November 2022 and it has many capabilities. This includes the ability to answer questions, create content, write code and more. However, there is concern about how it may affect jobs.

“There is a lot of excitement regarding the use of ChatGPT,”’s Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller said in a statement. “Since this new technology is just ramping up in the workplace, workers need to surely be thinking of how it may affect the responsibilities of their current job. The results of this survey shows that employers are looking to streamline some job responsibilities using ChatGPT.”

The chatbot may be more powerful than we ever imagined. Google found that, in theory, the search engine would hire the bot as an entry-level coder if it interviewed at the company. Amazon employees who tested ChatGPT said that the chatbot does a “very good job” at answering customer support questions, is “great” at making training documents, and is “very strong” at answering queries around corporate strategy.

ChatGPT, however, isn’t perfect. Users of ChatGPT found that the bot can generate misinformation, incorrectly answer coding problems, and produce errors in basic math.

“AI will never be as good as the best experts in a field,”one Wharton business school professor said.

What sort of jobs has ChatGPT taken away?

There are a couple of cases that stood out. An accounting firm used a slightly tweaked version of ChatGPT to form briefs for their clients based on accounting data that they had compiled and worked on over a period. Normally, the firm would give this task to a junior associate, which would then be reviewed by a senior level executive, before it was passed on to the client.

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