Most Dangerous Viruses Out There

The definition of Virus has completely changed over time. Earlier Virus was mostly about infecting the computer with a known intention – to jeopardize your computer. 

However these days, the intention of implanting a virus or bug has changed mainly to extract some information. 

The destructive power of viruses can vary greatly. From very minor spyware to some extremely harmful programs like Trojans and Ransomware. The extent of damage can only be noted virtually and is significantly different in many devices. 

We have compiled a list of the most malevolent viruses out there:

1. Code Red

A worm which was designed to spread over web without human intervention, basically started floating around July 2001. The virus intends to overload the computer with baloney data while slowly overwriting computer’s memory. This type of attack is known as a buffer overflow attack.

The virus had also infected White House, but couldn’t do much to the White House other than shutting down one of its DNS servers and rerouting traffic, as per Scientific American reports.

The worst thing about the virus is that you just can’t control it from spreading and the fact that this worm could spread quickly without even requiring someone to make a mistake is unnerving to say the least.

2. Storm worm

One of the worst viruses of all time, Storm worm is a backdoor Trojan Horse that affected more than millions of computers in 2007. The worm has many names – Small.dam, CME-711 and Trojan. Peacomm.

The storm worm began attacking thousands of private computers mainly in Europe and the United States. The virus which initially spread through email carried a subject line along with it – “230 dead as storm batters Europe”.

As per speculations the virus was of Russian origin possibly traceable to the Russian Business Network.

3. Rootkits

A rootkit virus is a type of malware which is designed to hide its operations by providing vital executables; it also allow viruses and malware to “hide in plain sight” by disguising as necessary files that your antivirus might overlook.

The main concept of creating rootkit malware is basically to provide a veil on the existing bots, malware and worms. It’s like the cloak in Harry Potter series, where Harry would use to hide in the dormitory of Hogwarts.

The problem with rootkits is that it they are hard to detect and are activated before your operating system even boots up.

4. CIH/Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a Microsoft 9x computer virus which first emerged in 1998. However, this virus is known to trigger on April 26 each year, which is the anniversary of the Chernobyll nuclear disaster.

The virus is known to overwrite chips inside PCs and then paralyzing the entire operations. Creator of the Virus Chen Ing-hau, who was a student of Tatung University in Taiwan, and was eventually caught. However, the virus resulted in crashing an estimate of $1 billion US dollars in commercial damages.

5. OSX/RSPlug Trojan

Simply known as RSPlug, it is a form of DNSChanger which targets the MAC OS X operating system. Discovered by the Mac security experts at Intego in October, 2007, the virus was known to have been created for having a financial motivation.

The Trojan was mainly found on pornographic sites in form of video codecs and other variants.

According to FBI estimation, more than four million computers in over 100 countries were infected by DNSChanger.

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