Neha Raj Bhojpuri Song: Neha Raj’s new song ‘Pardesiya Na Aile’ is a ruckus, Khushi Singh danced

Neha Raj Bhojpuri Song: Famous singer Neha Raj of Bhojpuri film industry has made a special identity for herself. Apart from Bhojpuri fans, non-Bhojpuri fans have also started waiting for his songs. At the same time, Neha Raj has achieved this position in the industry in a very short time and all her songs are making a splash in social media. In this episode, Neha Raj’s new song ‘Pardesiya Na Aile’ has been released from the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri, which is getting a good response from the fans.

This is the lyrics of the song
Let us tell you that in this song, bold actress Khushi Singh is seen dancing and Khushi is taking everyone’s attention with her special style. In the song, Khushi is saying in the memory of her foreigner Balam that, Jo chala jab purvi vaiyariya… Lele aao more raja ki khabariya… Tu hi baat karta kabah ajrai mein… Na aile na aile ghare pardesiya na aile .

This thing is being said about happiness
In this, Khushi has done wonders in a green saree. In this, her dance moves are looking amazing. Along with this, the face expression of the actress is very good. At the same time, after this song, it is being speculated that Khushi is a superstar of the coming times and singer Neha Raj has become a famous singer of Bhojpuri film industry.

Song composed by these artists
In this song, Khushi Singh’s performance is looking like a mature artist. Singer Neha Raj is also seen in the middle of the song and fans are very fond of both the actresses together. The choreography graph of this song is also tremendous and a lot of background dancers were used in the song. The writer of this song is Birbal Chandan and music is given by Abhishek Gupta. While the producer of this song is Ratnakar Kumar and the song has been directed by Bhojpuria. Along with this, the song has been done by choreographer Deepak Sharma and edited by Pankaj Saw and DI Rohit. Rohit).

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